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Growing concerns related to the side effects of chemicals on skin, causing skin irritation, allergies, and skin dullness, have made lots of people look for alternative solutions inspired by nature.  Understanding the benefits of natural skincare many consumers seek eco-friendly, sustainable, scent-free and natural skincare products.  We are proud to offer you all that and more. 

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I’ve been using this product for just over two weeks and my skin looks and feels great. I have oily skin and my face breaks out in pimples often.  Following the facial routine suggested by DermiGen has really helped my skin clear up and look radiant.  

As someone who is picky on the skin products I buy due to skin allergies I have recently developed, I found the hand lotion to be great for me.  Scent and chemical free are the products I am after. Besides, supporting a Canadian small business is a great cause. I would definitely recommend trying the products.  


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Burn Cream

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Have a burn, dry skin, chafing and acne? Our customers report that our cream soothes and does wonders.

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Calgary, AB

Fantastic Product!

Fantastic product! My son had a painful friction burn on his inner thigh caused by high-performance training.  After a couple of applications of DermiGen, the affected area was completely healed.  The best part was there was no messy residue left behind to stain his clothes.  This is now my son's go-to treatment for any adhesion he obtains through training/sports.

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Calgary, AB

Works wonders!

As someone who came from Chile,  I never realized how easy it was to get frostbite during the winter.  Even though I had warm clothing and a big scarf to cover my face, my cheekbones would get frostbitten.  Someone had given me a sample of the treatment and I was amazed at how fast it worked and healed my frostbite. This stuff works wonders.

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Calgary, AB

Works so fast!

I put the cream on 3 days after I originally got a large burn on my hand.  Within one week it faded drastically and by the 2nd week, it was hardly noticeable.  It has also helped to fade past scars from months ago.  This stuff works wonders!!! I would highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to heal burns and fade scars.

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